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New ways of working and clocking off
22 August 2018

thought piece: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – new ways of working and clocking off

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What's in a name?
24 July 2018

thought piece: What does the label ‘workplace consultant’ actually mean?

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22 June 2018
Thrown in at the deep end...and I survived!
13 June 2018

For the past 7 weeks we’ve been joined in the office by Cate who has been gaining some general work experience as well as getting her hands dirty contributing design ideas for one of our clients. We asked her to reflect back on her time with us.

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Buddhism, booths and the balance sheet
1 June 2018

thought piece: how to respond when the client asks “what effect will this new office have on productivity?”

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There’s data and there’s DATA
14 May 2018

thought piece: is a project really finished if we haven’t gone back and studied the outcomes?

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Buddhism, booths and the balance sheet
1 May 2018

thought piece: how do you answer that tricky question regarding workplace productivity?

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The workplace - building the new community
13 March 2018

thought piece: workplaces benefit by being convivial but is there a next level of community and team working that we should be aiming for?

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The team photo
1 March 2018
Merger moments
5 February 2018

thought piece: with the recent merger of SSE with npower, Hugh Anderson takes a closer look at the relevance of the design of the workplace.

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Google it?
31 May 2016
MCF 2016
5 April 2016
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