Step back ... and review
Step back ... and review
9 November 2017

When you talk about ‘Lessons Learned’ it often refers to taking a rapid step back after an incident at work to put in place measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It needn’t be that knee-jerk; it should be built in to everything we do. We’re currently working with the Scottish Law Commission to develop a brief for a new office environment and they routinely peer review work prior to the publication of reports.

In our office we’ve recently started holding meetings with our Space Solutions colleagues (a Design Forum) where people meet over a tea or coffee to discuss, question and even criticise design projects that we’ve recently completed. It’s key to maintaining and even upping our quality. Yes, there are proposal deadlines and competing client demands, but the opportunity to take a step back and cast a critical eye over your work is fundamental to what we want to be known for – quality.

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