The power of real data
The power of real data
18 January 2018

In 2017 it was decided not to submit our project for Max Fordham for the BCO awards; not because both parties felt it wasn’t worthy of submission. Rather, the client was conscious that studying the office for another year would provide additional data to back up their belief that the office was performing even better than expected.

Having analysed another 12 months of data, Max Fordham were happy for us to finally submit the project to the BCO for the 2018 awards.

So what made this project special in our eyes?

haa design and Max Fordham were determined to show what was possible for the type of fit-out constituting the bulk of office projects (i.e. modest in size/budget and with a tight programme). The project had to illustrate all the characteristics of an excellent fit-out: flexibility, efficiency, resilience, maximum sustainability and style.

The fit-out of Exchange Place is an exemplar of what anyone can do with thought and ingenuity.

• having been in operation for over two years, energy performance figures are outstanding – DEC ‘B’ rating with CO2 emissions of 36 kg/m2 pa
• the carbon footprint relating to its execution is a blueprint for responsible behaviour
• designed originally for 20 people, the office now comfortably accommodates 30 proving its flexible space planning resilience
• while workplace culture was already enlightened, the fit-out has stimulated greater collaboration and staff responsibility
• above all, the office remains a delightful place to work, not too hot or cold, with plenty of fresh air and an abundance of daylight

To quote Max Fordham’s founder, an office should be “a place that people want to inhabit and enjoy”. Exchange Place is indeed that.

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