The start of a new era ... at UWS
The start of a new era ... at UWS
5 September 2018

We have observed with great interest the numerous tweets and photos appearing on our Twitter timeline from UWS staff and students over the past few weeks, culminating in a flurry of social media activity during this week’s Freshers’ Fayre.

As designers, the overwhelmingly positive initial reaction has been very welcome. The real test will come next week when teaching begins, but already the different spaces on the campus are being used and being appreciated.

It’s taken a lot of hard work over the past two years, with everyone in the office (including some no longer with haa design) putting in a tremendous number of hours to translate the vision into a reality. It’s been a real team effort and that includes numerous fellow consultants and designers, contractors, suppliers and the university themselves.

There have been battles fought (some won), but in the end I believe the university has a campus that will be the envy of many and will prove to be a wonderful place to study and to work.

With the official opening set for later this week, we wish UWS every success.

Hugh Anderson
MD, haa design

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