Audit Scotland, Edinburgh

stylish, efficient, confident

Audit Scotland’s new 102 Westport office, with panoramic views to Edinburgh Castle, demanded the creation of an inspirational and aspirational design. Combining two separate offices into one open-plan floorplate and reducing operating costs was one operational driver but using the move as a catalyst for organisational change was even more important.

Fully understanding the importance of staff engagement, haa design was asked by Audit Scotland to develop a vision that embraced agile working. Outputs from visioning workshops were translated into a design that incorporates a mix of spaces to meet the different workplace needs of all members of staff at the same time as maximising utilisation of space. As a result Audit Scotland have reduced their space by 25% while also improving interaction and flexibility.

Stylish without being showy, the 1,700 sqm space maximises efficiency in a way that captures the dynamism of the organisation.

In an age of austerity, this high profile public sector organisation had to clearly demonstrate value for money for the taxpayer. Beautiful and contemporary materials had to be carefully deployed in a way that was cost effective and strictly within government guidelines. We call this agile working.

Shortlisted for a BCO award in 2017.

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