Scottish Funding Council - Workplace Strategy

envisaging the future workplace

Our work has focused on understanding the emerging workstyles of the SFC in order to understand future workplace requirements and space standards. Workshops were held during the engagement process to set out the vision for the new office environment. Using the outputs from key interviews and information on current staff functions, a future model for workstyles across the whole organisation was proposed.

We further translated these workstyle findings into associated workspace (and technology) solutions, which in turn were used to provide an updated accommodation requirement, both in terms of the amount of overall office workspace needed and the types of worksettings that are appropriate in the future.

haa design was then asked to carry out a building appraisal on the options, considering supply v demand in terms of physical space available as well as the more ‘human’ elements such as the ‘quality of the space’ (e.g. access to daylight, natural ventilation, ability to locate teams in a manner that wouldn’t impede function) and accessibility. The suitability of the space in terms of business continuity was also discussed prior to a preferred option being put forward.

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