UWS New Lanarkshire Campus

from classrooms and corridors…

The UWS new Lanarkshire campus illustrates the way in which office spaces are starting to morph into other types of workspace and vice versa. In this case where a shell & core office development was able to be converted into a university campus incorporating the full range of workplaces that might be expected of a modern learning environment (e.g. lecture theatre, teaching rooms, library, café and specialist laboratories). What is possibly different is the way that these facilities have been incorporated so as to support the concept of social learning and to allow for multi-use wherever possible. Thus, instead of these facilities being discrete, there is a deliberate overlap of socialising with work to exploit the way it generates confidence and a willingness to learn.

The 24,786sqm (GIA) complex was turned from shell & core into a live working environment within 24 months of FBC approval, accepting its first new intake of students in September 2018. Significantly, through employing a highly-innovative procurement route, the campus was created for just 20% of the capital expenditure associated with conventional educational building.

The resulting campus is a beautiful working environment. The infrastructure to the teaching and office spaces is essentially similar, based on the ‘agile’ working logic that behaviour can be broken down into a similar set of modes calling for essentially similar work spaces, ranging from fully enclosed to fully open, from small to large. Thus, the floor plans, (as in the design of an agile office), though simple, feature a huge variety of both fixed and adjustable spaces.

The building is “future-proofed” and is geared for maximum flexibility by a robust space planning strategy which has zoned all enclosed spaces within the centre of the floor plates, leaving the perimeter clear to take open and semi-enclosed space, sub-dividable by means of sliding screens.

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